A Very Magical Visit at Home

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This year, I surprised Emma with a special visit at home. She did not expect it, but it was a visit
that she had been looking forward to all year. My daughters get excited every time Christmas
approaches to write their letters to Santa and of course go visit him. But this year, we had a
different and unique experience and the time of waiting in long lines in a mall is over for us.
Thanks to Sedano’s Supermarket we had the opportunity to have Santa in our house, yes, you
read that correctly! Santa visited us at home virtually.

It was a magical moment since at the time of scheduling the visit, I had the opportunity to give
Santa all the personalized information so that he would not miss any details with Emma, such
as the name of her teacher, the name of our pet “Cici,” Emma’s favorite hobbies, and even
everything she is asking for Christmas this year.

Of course, Santa didn’t miss any details and Emma couldn’t stop smiling because he knew so
many things about her. The entire virtual visit with Santa was recorded on a video that I will
keep forever and will be able to show her in a few years. I think a new tradition has just been
born in our family.

With the excitement of this visit, the spirit of Christmas has officially come to our home. We have
already started decorating our house for the festivities and my daughters are happy because
they were able to ask all the questions and ask Santa for all the gifts.
This is an excellent opportunity for our children because we don’t let traditions die, they have a
personalized conversation with Santa, we don’t have to stand in long lines or wait hours for a
lightning visit. In this virtual visit, my daughter was able to interact with Santa, there were
laughs, and lots of magic.

The best of all, is that I have excellent news for you, you can also have the opportunity to have
a personalized virtual visit with Santa in the comfort of your home! All you have to do is shop at
your local Sedano’s, one of our favorite supermarkets, and then visit http://www.SedanosSantas.com
to enter to win this experience or other prizes from November 2 through December 13, 2022.

Let me know in the comments if you have a tradition of visiting Santa every year and if your kids
are excited to have a one-on-one conversation with Santa. They will also have the opportunity
to view the keepsake video as many times as they want and share it with friends and family,
isn’t that awesome?

Do not forget to visit your nearest Sedano’s Supermarket to buy everything you need for this
Christmas and everything you will need to gather your family together, but above all, don’t forget
to participate for the opportunity to win this opportunity and other amazing prizes.

Here is the direct link: www.SedanosSanta.com ! Once you’ve made your purchases from
Sedano’s, enter to participate and also do not forget to share this awesome information with
your friends and family so they too can experience this magical visit with Santa in the comfort of
their home. Thanks to Sedano’s Supermarket for making it possible this year and for changing
the game and allowing us to create this new family tradition.


One thought on “A Very Magical Visit at Home

  1. Que visita más hermosa 🥰😍 me encantaría que mi hijo también la tuviera porque se que es algo que a los niños les hace mucha ilusión y lo recordarán siempre.


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